marți, 21 decembrie 2010

Jeg elsker dere!


I don't know...
I'm in my room. It's green. If I turn around I can see my toys, my plants, my books and photos. If i glance outside I can see apartment blocks.

I said I would write the last entry in Norway...didn't happen. I'm glad it didn't because I had a lot of other things to enjoy on my last days there.

Bergen and Oslo
After singing carols in the train station in Drammen, we stepped, me and April, on the aprox. 10 hour train ride to Bergen.
We got on the vertical tram ride to see the city of rainy skies from 300 meters above. Instead of rain we got a beautiful sunrise, loud children dressed as angles and a funny troll.
Next stop Bryggen, the old town. Wooden houses soo old and colorful. Christmas decorations and the smell of pine trees everywhere.

A nice old man sharing the history of the "ghost town" with us in a warm room filled with black and white postcards.
A walk to the big red church, passed a great view of the mountain. Pat a friendly, fat Norwegian cat on the way...

Breath the fresh morning air...stretching of arms and dreading of backpacks.
Talk to a lady about the best way to get to the aquarium and enjoy the seal show and feeding of penguins.
Talk to the crocodiles and spiders.
Spend the rest of the day walking through the city centre, eating sandwiches packed from home in Burger King.

Singing Romanian carols at 10 p.m. in the train station in Bergen. A wonderful echo...
Another train ride to Oslo

7:00 Oslo
9:00 Oslo Opera House
Munch Museum, The National Gallery, The History Museum, The Royal Palace.
Meeting friends and having tea -> Ida <3

Getting on the bus to Kristiansand...

Tired...but...I have to clean my room...because the Metallica loving cleaning lady will kick my ass with a bill if I don't...
I want to party with my friends!!!!!

Miss you...Thank yooou Jossi and Thomas!

Lost my wallet in worries, I have awesome friends that took care of me! :) Thank you April & Theresa!!!

Home...all over the World...

I found friends, family, art, education, sun, snow, breathtaking landscapes, awesome books and songs, interesting cultures, warm hugs, open minds, talented and wonderfully weired people, long kisses and sincere eyes...I found all this and more in the past months.

the last Norwegian Thing: Jeg elsker dere!

vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

lucky go happy

Amazing day!

I set my alarm clock for 8:59...I woke up at 10:15. got dressed and was out of the dorm by 10:40. got to the Univ.
found 100 kroner...remember when I found 50 in the I'm a week away from leaving.
I thought, if I would stay for another semester..I'll probably find 200 at the beginning of the semester and 500 at the end hahaha
no seriuosly..poor person who lost it.
I bought gifts for friends ... so I don't feel so bad about finding the money anymore :D

then I got my documents settled and went to say goodbye to my awesome teachers. they were really was a pleasure to know them and as they put it...they were pleased to have me there as well :P

I got an A at my Beat Culture class...Michael made me blush, he said wonderful things about my play :D

next thing: I got a book for free from the libary, just because it has a few pages floating around. yeey

on top of everything I got a great reference from the Student Radio to take home!

I'll go to a pizza buffet tonight and tomorrow I'll plan my trip to Bergen and Oslo.

this is from another pizza party with my special girls! Thank you: Eva, Ann-Katrin, Melanie, Anita, Pauline, Nastassja, April, Sanaa!

and this is from the white turned colorful t-shirt party...sad times...I miss a lot of wonderful people.

last but not least I want to wish a good friend a warm and happy birthday! love ya Onu!

I'll write again before leavig to let you all know what I thought of the rainiest city in Europe and the Oslo Christmas market. Can't wait to see my family friends again!!!

keep your cheeks rosy, your hands in mittens and your heart warm!
take care all!

oh...Norwegian things - loosing money, smiling and whistling on the street, decorating trees and streets with good taste. Candles, wooden hearts and stars on doors. Children of 8 jumping into freezing water along with their family.

vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

bracing myself for the reverse culture shock

so...I have just one exam to go...not nervous at all...
Had an oral exam and a theatrical performance, which turned out to be one of the most amazing things I did...ever. little dots that I keep annoying you with are the non-verbal expressions of my deep meaningful thoughts that you won't get because you won't "get me" when I come home :P well some might, and some might be like "shut up" or "watevs" or "where's my gift?"

all in all can't wait to see you guys and I promise I won't be over-talkativy and braggy.

just found out about reverse cultural shock, I knew I was going to face it, I just didn't know it had a name -dots dots dots-
now that I think of shock will be greater than the one people from Germany, France or US will's Romania after all...

you should be supportive of my "disease" when I return! :P

So..what else

-14 C, walk half an hour to the univ to study almost every day.
goodbye parties, sad times
wonderful scenary, untouched snow, frozen lakes and boats in the docs
amazing sunsets
sweet people I am sad I didn't get to know better
the thought of you
the thought of me
having rice and milk with ccinnamon and raisins...the thought of home

I am going somewhere and not just going back home...16 days to go

miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

mon jardin d'hiver

this is a winter garden, a place where we're safe, warm, happy. where we bloom and grow and leave a mark. this is a semester on exchange.

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

the snooooow keeps on fallin' even if we were bad :D

And what I mean by behaving like the opposite sex. I neeever been to so many parties that I had to dress up for!

This time I was a French guy...reaching moustache "fell" aka getting wiped off by the end of the night...
Interesting to see that the "girls" had more fun than us...although we "guys" got to laugh at the high-heeled-sockboobs-shortskirt fenomenon. They seemed to behave in a way they would like girls to behave...kinda cheap, but of course if we were to do that, we would be something from a house with red curtains and dim lights :P
It was hard to behave like a guy, especially French...not too boyish, not too girlish...I should have been a transvestite...oh well :P
This happened on Friday

Yesterday - trip to Mandal and the southernest point in Norway
Me and Patricia, a girl from Germany went to visit a class-mate who kindly offered to show us arround Mandal, a small town 40 min. from Kristiansand. She and her husband were great! They took us to Lindesnes Fyr - The Lighthouse on the south coast of Norway. After loosing our way because of road/bridge reconstruction we finnaly got to the Fyr (lighthouse)
No comment.

After this awesome trip we were invited for dinner, and not any kind of dinner but an Iraqi meal, Zinab, being from Iraq. A lovely atmosphere, exotic food that looked and tasted like "sarmale" and "ardei umpluti" - Romanian dishes, only so much more aromatic.

Finnaly we got to dancing on Arabian songs and I got to learn some more words :D

We left Mandal, barely catching the buss, at 6:55 p.m.

It was a wonderful day for a trip...snowy, not too cold, and the company was lovely!