marți, 21 decembrie 2010

Jeg elsker dere!


I don't know...
I'm in my room. It's green. If I turn around I can see my toys, my plants, my books and photos. If i glance outside I can see apartment blocks.

I said I would write the last entry in Norway...didn't happen. I'm glad it didn't because I had a lot of other things to enjoy on my last days there.

Bergen and Oslo
After singing carols in the train station in Drammen, we stepped, me and April, on the aprox. 10 hour train ride to Bergen.
We got on the vertical tram ride to see the city of rainy skies from 300 meters above. Instead of rain we got a beautiful sunrise, loud children dressed as angles and a funny troll.
Next stop Bryggen, the old town. Wooden houses soo old and colorful. Christmas decorations and the smell of pine trees everywhere.

A nice old man sharing the history of the "ghost town" with us in a warm room filled with black and white postcards.
A walk to the big red church, passed a great view of the mountain. Pat a friendly, fat Norwegian cat on the way...

Breath the fresh morning air...stretching of arms and dreading of backpacks.
Talk to a lady about the best way to get to the aquarium and enjoy the seal show and feeding of penguins.
Talk to the crocodiles and spiders.
Spend the rest of the day walking through the city centre, eating sandwiches packed from home in Burger King.

Singing Romanian carols at 10 p.m. in the train station in Bergen. A wonderful echo...
Another train ride to Oslo

7:00 Oslo
9:00 Oslo Opera House
Munch Museum, The National Gallery, The History Museum, The Royal Palace.
Meeting friends and having tea -> Ida <3

Getting on the bus to Kristiansand...

Tired...but...I have to clean my room...because the Metallica loving cleaning lady will kick my ass with a bill if I don't...
I want to party with my friends!!!!!

Miss you...Thank yooou Jossi and Thomas!

Lost my wallet in worries, I have awesome friends that took care of me! :) Thank you April & Theresa!!!

Home...all over the World...

I found friends, family, art, education, sun, snow, breathtaking landscapes, awesome books and songs, interesting cultures, warm hugs, open minds, talented and wonderfully weired people, long kisses and sincere eyes...I found all this and more in the past months.

the last Norwegian Thing: Jeg elsker dere!

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  1. Å, so sweet! I'll miss you! Thanks for the last days that we spendt together :) Hope you'll get a wonderful Christmas time!

  2. thank you Heidi! I'll miss you too and thank you for letting me "sleep" in your room and for Maria Mena, I love her music!
    Happy holidays!